FuJuKa Boxing


Coined "The Art of Streetology", the Fu-Ju-Ku Boxing system is a style that effectively utlizes multiple styles of martial arts emphasizing practical street fighting applicatons for real life self-defense situations.

The FuJuKa Boxing System is a combination of the following Martial Arts which Founder Sijo Mutakabbir has studied and mastered.

Kung Fu: Wing Chun, Praying Mantis, Hung Gar and Lama
Ju Jitsu: Sanuces, Aikido and Brazilian (grappling)
Karate: Yunmookwan, Shotokan
Kick Boxing

It has grown (and continues to grow) to encompass numerous other fighting styles and techniques, adapted for our modern urban experience. The SWAM schools teach an ever evolving martial form.

"Where Champions are Trained by a Champion "