The SWAM Code


SWAM Beliefs


In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

  1. Each member of our school is a member of the SWAM family.
  2. We want for our brothers and sisters, what we want for ourselves.
  3. Truth, justice, righteousness, kindness and humbleness are our strength.
  4. We strive for a disciplined mind, strong body and a pure spirit.
  5. Each member of the SWAM family must show respect at all times to each other, in and out of the school.
  6. Laziness, lying and lateness are enemies of SWAM.
  7. We must be alert at all times mentally and physically for any given situation.
  8. Playing in or out of the school with our martial art is strictly forbidden.
  9. All martial arts are good and we should not argue with others or compare negatively.
  10. Violence is strictly forbidden except in the instance of legitimate self defense.