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What Is SWAM

What is SWAM?

SWAM is actually an acronym that means (among other things) Strong Wise Achieving Minds. The strength spoken of, (the S of SWAM) is not just physical strength. It is, primarily, the strength required to protect ourselves against negative and corrupting thoughts. Wisdom, (the W of SWAM) is the ability to gather and properly use the information which ultimately, supplies the ingredients necessary for all rewarding accomplishments. Achievement, (the A in SWAM) can only be gained when we are alert and actively seeking positive avenues for our lives. Finally, these principles are housed within our greatest gift from G-d, our Minds (the M in SWAM). Minds that, when properly directed, can break through all barriers.

SWAM was founded and is directed by Sijo Abdul Mutakabbir. SWAM is a program which is currently changing lives in the inner cities of New York and Atlanta, Georgia, through martial arts, spiritual and psychological training and development. SWAM is family oriented and a drug preventive program. SWAM has documented cases of changing drug dealers into positive community leaders and family supporters. Within the past twenty-five (25) years, SWAM has been successful in teaching many men, women and children how to build their self esteem, self respect and responsibility towards themselves, their families and the community. Through SWAM's hard work and endurance those communities became more positive as a whole.

Quoted from Mutakabbir, "I have established this organization (SWAM) in 1977, to enable me to give back to the community what the martial arts have given me; to reach out and help in the prevention of negative influences which have corrupted the young, such as abusive drugs, crime, and truancy. In doing so, I have been able to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere for everyone, where we can work and live in harmony. My major point of concentration is on human development; giving pride back to the men, self-respect to the women and discipline and hope to the children."

"Where Champions are Trained by a Champion