Sijo, the Founder and Sidigoo, the Mother of SWAM

Profile of the Founder

Sijo Abdul Mutakabbir,

Is a master teacher who trains and coaches students in all major arenas of Martial Arts; Sport (MMA: Mixed Martial Arts), Reality (SWAM, Lethal Ground and Pound™), and Dojo. 

As the Founder and Director of the SWAM Academy of Modern Martial Arts and the creator of the FuJuKa Boxing System, Master Abdul's martial arts story span far and wide.

The original SWAM, located in South Jamaica, Queens, was established in 1977, in one of New York City's most notorious neighborhoods. Mutakabbir's vision to help individuals, families, and communities has found expression and thrived through SWAM. In 1992, SWAM successfully expanded its operation to the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area.

Mutakabbir is virtually a life long martial artist. He has studied numerous fighting systems tutored by some of the most renowned martial artists in history, starting at the age of eleven. He has earned countless titles throughout the country, combining constant study, work, and commitment to be one of the best. His dedication made him the New York State Triple Crown Champion for 20 years.