How to Focus on Pest Control When You Are Busy

Carpet Pests | 3 Reasons Why You May Have A Carpet Beetle Infestation In Your Home

02 August

Carpet beetles are incredibly annoying because they feed on and eventually destroy expensive carpet fibres. These oval-shaped miscreants come in different colours and can fly or crawl across your home. If you notice a carpet beetle infestation, then pest control and carpet cleaning is vital. But you should understand why you have an infestation in […]

Treating Drywood Termites in Your Home

29 March

Drywood termites are a nuisance you don’t want to tolerate in your home because they are very destructive. These types of termites can completely destroy your furniture and other wooden structures and items in your home. Unfortunately, you may not easily identify the infestation of these termites until they reach the exterior of your wooden […]

A Bug’s Life: How to Spot Signs of Termite Infestation

22 January

Studies estimate that 10% of Australian households have had or will have an infestation of termites, with this number rising to 65% in some areas of the country. Infestations can damage your bank balance as well as your property, with the average cost of treatment and repair work coming in at $10,000. Early detection plays […]

How To Deter Foxes From Your Property

13 January

Like many wild creatures, foxes are drawn to suburban gardens as the human population spreads and begins to encroach on what was previously wildlife habitat.  Many people regard the fox as a nuisance pest, particularly if they keep chickens or small pets that may be viewed by the foxes as an easy meal.  Foxes can […]

4 Non-Chemical Pest Control Methods You Can Use In Your Garden

17 December

As a gardener, you may want to control pest in your garden without using chemicals because of their effects to the environment, people and animals. Using chemicals can also make pests develop resistance toward the pesticide due to continued use. There are several other methods that you can opt for which are environmentally friendly. This […]

Natural Pest Control Tips for Ants

15 December

Ants are some of the most annoying pests in your home. They might be small in size, but when you have a few ants, there’s certainly a nearby colony, so you can expect their number in your home to multiply quickly. This means that ants can become a nuisance and even a health hazard if […]

The Importance of a Pest Control Inspection When You Buy Your Home

11 December

When you get ready to buy a home, one of the important things to remember is to get a building / home inspection. The purpose of this is to ensure there are no issues with the property, structurally or otherwise, that will cause cost or further damage later on down the line. The last thing […]

The Top 3 Tips for Removing Pests in Your Home

09 December

Pests are nasty critters. They often roam around causing a mess, and they damage your home. The idea that a termite could be slowly breaking down the fabric of your house is petrifying. So if you’re like most people, you want to reduce the impact of these pests and wipe them out completely. The root […]

Various Termite Treatment Options Available

07 December

The sad truth is that there are two types of home owners: those that are already plagued with termites and those living under constant fear that termites will intrude their homes. Therefore, as a proud home owner, you need to treat your home to either prevent termite attacks or manage the damaging effects of having […]

3 Natural Ways to Protect Your Vegetable Patch From Unwanted Pests

04 December

Keeping your own vegetable garden, whether in your garden or at an allotment, is an incredibly rewarding thing to do. First of all, you will have the reward of seeing something grow from nothing, all because of your loving care. Secondly, you will actually be able to eat the vegetables that you produce, and they […]